The most wonderful time of the year


APIQ certified free range St. Bernard's pork from the Northern Grampians, Victoria.

Stuffed Pork Belly Roll $32.00/kg
Plain Pork Belly Roll $32.00/kg
Plain Pork Loin Roll $30.00/kg
Stuffed Pork Loin Roll $30.00/kg
Pulling Pork Scotch (boneless shoulder) $24.00/kg


Free range St. Bernard's pork, cured and wood-smoked at Cannings in Kew. Our ham has a big flavour and is succulent and juicy.

Free Range Half Leg Ham (bone in) 5-6kg $28.90/kg
Boneless Scotch Ham 1.5-2kg $34.00/kg
Free Range Whole Leg Ham (bone in) 10-12kg $26.90/kg
Hand-Cut Ham Off the Bone Platter $42.00/kg
Cannings Pineapple Chutney (glaze) 220gm $9.90ea
Cannings Apple Sauce 500gm $14.90ea


Genuine free range birds of the highest quality from Judy Leadoux in Bairnsdale, and Yapunyah Meadows. Yapunyah video and Leadoux video

Whole Free Range Turkeys $22.90/kg
Seasoned Breast Roll $33.00/kg
All Natural Turkey Gravy 250gm $9.90ea
Free Range Buffe (breast on bone) $22.90/kg
Free Range Boneless Breast Roll 2.2kg $30.00/kg
Mini Bacon Turducken Roll >3kg $33.00/kg
Premium, hand-reared Yupunyah Meadow Chicken 2kg+ $17.90/kg
Free Range Whole Bendigo Chickens 2kg $8.90/kg
Free Range Great Ocean Duck 2.5kg $24.00/kg


Crafted by hand, these stuffings are traditional yet contemporary and so, so delish! Our stuffings all contain onion and/or garlic but we can use your homemade stuffing (just leave us an order note and we will contact you)

Bacon, Chestnut & Cranberry Stuffing 750gm $12.90ea
Gluten Free Sage & Onion Stuffing 750g $12.90ea
French Toulouse Stuffing 750gm $12.90ea

Beef & lamb

The finest free range beef and lamb, fed entirely on the lush pastures of South Eastern Australia. Our beef video and Our lamb video

Premium Beef Eye Fillet $67.00/kg
14 Day Aged Leg of Lamb (bone in) <2.7kg $19.90/kg
14 Day Aged Lamb Shoulder (bone in) <2.5kg $19.90/kg
Cannings Orange & Mint Jelly 220gm $8.90ea
Aged Beef Rib Eye Roast $44.00/kg


Premium Australian seafood delivered to our door the very morning of your order pick up day. Our fishmonger's website

Cooked Whole Aussie King Prawns 1kg(bag) $49.90/kg
Freshly Shucked Oysters (one dozen) $24.00/doz.
Harris Smoked Salmon 500g $74.90/kg
Raw Prawn Cutlets (tail only, no shell) 1kg bag $57.00/kg
Full Ora King Salmon Fillet 1.5kg+ $46.00/kg
Cooked Red Rock Crayfish ~700gm (Market Price)
Whole Ora King Salmon (head on, bone in) ~5kg $32.00/kg
Skull Island Green Tiger Prawns 3kg $178.00/box
Ora King Salmon Caviar 100g $38.00ea


Top notch, hand made puddings from PUD in Castlemaine. These puddings will satisfy even the most discerning pudding connoisseurs. PUD's website

Traditional Pudding 800g $30.00ea
Vanilla Bean Custard 250ml $14.90ea
Brandy Butterscotch Sauce 250ml $14.90ea
Double Choc & Orange with Cointreau 800gm $30.00ea
Date & Butterscotch Pudding 800gm $30.00ea
Gluten Free Traditional Pudding 800g $30.00ea


Inspired by convenience, these platters consist of our best selling Christmas items and help make catering just that little bit easier.

Hand-Cut Ham Off the Bone Platter $42.00/kg
‘Salt Kitchen’ Charcuterie Pack Serves 4 $38.90ea
Seafood Platter Serves 4 $72.00ea